domenica 22 giugno 2008

segnalazione: Druaga no to (anime jap 12 ep)

per chi possa essere interessato , è appena uscita la puntata n.12 conclusiva.

The Tower of Druaga (Doruāga no Tō) is the name of an arcade game released by Namco in 1984 as well as an anime adaptation of the game.

The game runs on Namco Super Pac-Man hardware but with a video system like that used in Mappy. It was later ported to the MSX, Famicom and remade for the PC Engine platform. Its first appearance outside Japan was in the third compilation of the Namco Museum series for the PlayStation and also appears on the Nintendo DS version of said series.

Originally the game and its sequels had no specific setting other than "the tower". However, in recent years, the series has been retconned as being set in the fantasy kingdom of "Babylim" (a reference to the ancient kingdom of Babylon. This is inaccurate however, because the original Gilgamesh was Sumerian, and not Babylonian).

The game was remade for the PC Engine in 1992. The game sports new graphics, a password feature, difficulty levels (easy, normal, hard and pro). The levels themselves are completely different, the conditions to get the secret treasures are changed, some treasures have been removed and some have been added, there are new enemies. You also have an item screen where you can use the collected items and equip armor. At the end of each level you get ability points which you can use to raise your speed, sword speed, Pickax uses and more.

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the_qn ha detto...

in sostanza, per chi non lo avesse capito.
l'anime è il seguito del gioco.

the_qn ha detto...

ho appena finito di vedere tutte e 12 le puntate.
se vi interessa fatemi sapere che uppo sul servillo di bisi ;)