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sins of a WIKI empire!

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the_qn ha detto...

- Most planets have 35 tactical points for defenses when fully upgraded (asteroids get 25). Use them! 4-5 gauss turrets (or equivalent for other races) is not enough to defend your planet from a siege raid if you don’t have a stationed fleet there. Build up 15-20, some repair stations, and a few hangars. This is a pretty heavy investment of resources, but you’re in no rush against the AI, and believe me it’ll pay off in the end when you can see 15 siege ships get plastered before they can take out your 6,000 hp colony. Remember to place them where you know the siege frigates will be.

the_qn ha detto...

4000 danni sul target e 1000 alle unità nell'area attorno.
ebbene...per gli advent basta avere 3 navi a lvl 6 e questa combo entra in gioco... asdasdasd
ecco svelata la potenza di QN!!!ù


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ahi ahi, ma qui ancora non sappiamo fare i link nei post

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eh sistemalo tu.. io non sono capace T_T sono niubbo xD

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roba utile

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si ma come fai a costruire 15-20 cannoni!?!? io dopo 5-6 nn ho più slot -.-"

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parliamo di danni e di efficacia...

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evolvi gli slots?

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Vasari - Extraordinary scouting, you can watch enemy fleets moving around without ever building a scout ship . Their phasing missiles are also very effective.

TEC - Extraordinary armor. Research that thing to full, build some Kodiaks and heavy caps and watch the fun begin. You have more time to fight AFTER your shields drop than before with that research done, especially with the superstructure done as well.

The Advent have the most interesting abilities, but are also the weakest at general fighting. Without those abilities they'd be pushovers. From what I've seen TEC are the macro empire, the one where not microing and worrying mostly about your economy will win you the game, the Vasari are balanced, good microing goes a long way but you also want to macro a lot, advent need the most microing to be effective but when played right they seem overpowered because of their unique abilities.

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vasari :

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The Vasari are actually quite powerful if you use them right. Their battleship is, I would argue, probably the strongest in the game.

Their ships tend to be stronger than the other races (and more expensive as a result), but require more considered use than the TEC (but less than the Advent).

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ho trovato una guida che dice di non espandersi troppo all'inizio e di cercare di conquistare i pianeti in modo strategico per poi doverne difendere 1 solo utilizzando la super-repair-difesa di cui vi ho parlato all'inizio

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sempre vasari:

The Vasari advantage is mostly in its capital ships. The Kortul devastator is amazingly powerful, at level six doing something around 70-80 damage per hit with its pulse beams which combined with the cooldown ability makes it own.
The Vasari really need to tech, unlike the TEC who can do pretty well with no technology.
Once you have Phase Stabilizers and good missiles you can basically appear anywhere, assassinate ships, and then leave quickly
The Skirantra repair cloud is more useful for the Vasari as they use Armor as their main defense and the cloud can repair armor on everything within range(including strikecraft).

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piccolo riassuntino.

major advantage:
their advantage peaks(contrary to general opinion i believe) on smallest of maps, although proficient in all map sizes that is not the point. This is due to their development mandate wich when fully upgraded gives every planet +8 logistic slots wich is 2 buildings. Medium military start, fast economy start.
economy(probably the best):
has good industry wich allows them to be competitive on medium and large maps.
normal hit points and shield points
bombers and LRM seem to be particulalry efficient, and their upgrades also unlock novalith cannon(probably the best experimental weapon of the 3 races)
my fav capital: dunov(heals large quantity of shields, and with 2+ of them enemy wastes a lot of time bringing them down

major advantage:
none that i could see, better culture rates makes them efficient on small and medium maps and they seem to lose on large maps due to their lack of economy traits, they seem to need medium maps no more no less to be maximally proficient. Slow military start, medium economy start.

now i regard advent more of a support race, like TEC destroys worlds and advent fills them with culture to be unable to be taken back, otherwise i dont' see what advent has on TEC
trade port has a special ability that toggles between resource extraction instead of credits income
low hit points and high shield points wich means research shield tech first

has best capitals in my opinion, i'm speaking of:
progenitor mothership, shield regeneration, colony(cost reduction for planet upgrades) and stores level for capitals that died in battle to restore to new capitals
halcyon carrier, passive weapon fire rate buff, kicks the hell out of enemy fighters/bombers
second best experimental weapon in the game, the deliverance engine not only brings down planets but can hold your culture on them making it impossible for enemy to retake the lost planet, and also is AOE

best culture in the game opens a "culture/colony ships/siege ship" gambit wich works like this: take enemy planets before he can take yours(wich he can't because of your high culture, works best while having some deliverance engines and this aids raiding at least and can win the game too if enemy is unaware of this

another strategy is that they can hold off enemy with guardians losing little to no ships while using cannons, won't work if the enemy raids the cannons though

major advantage:
their advantage peaks on largest of maps, although proficient in all map sizes that is not the point. This is due to their Returning Armada and Phase Stabilizer. Slow economy start(except resources) and fast military start.
also very versatile on my maps(+10% planet bonus chance) and their salvaging tech
economy(good resources):
all their advantages don't come cheap
good resources
good income(late game) + free ships(Returning Armada)
good defence(Phase Stabilizer)
high hit points and low shield points wich means research hit points first
sturdy ships
worst experimental weapon(better after 1.03)
my fav capitals:
Vulkoras Desolator who seems to pack a punch with skills and special
Skirantra carrier, hp repair

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la guida dei TEC:

the_qn ha detto...

coi VASARI ho trovato gente che consiglia di fare una flotta di 5-6 mothership invece della classica 1-2+navette

per la precisione 3 devastator 2 che curano e 1 supporto

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Broadcast center versus Trade center

Best thing is to simply place one hub on every 3-4 worlds. That way, all colonies get the 10% income raise from the culture (and a 10% raise on all income, mining and taxes, on 3-4 worlds is worth more then the 3 credits via trade) and all other logistic slots can be used for trade.