mercoledì 21 ottobre 2009

CUZZATO Mr Splerz!!!!!

Vi chiederete che minchia fottuta centra il titolo??


- Added support for additional content packs.
- Added support for Motion Platform D-Box.
- Increasing the maximum view distance by 1 km so it is possible to see the entire length of the hill roads on San Francisco
- Fix for personal best lap time not replacing world record lap time when playing without internet connection.
- Fix for race day personal best lap times only being valid for first race in a grid world event.
- Fix for being able to select too many different types of cars in multiplayer events Long Beach Battle and Drift Inter GP.
- Fix for being able to select the Pontiac GTO in multiplayer Touring cars events.
- Fix for vehicles bought on eBay applying performance modifiers when playing multiplayer events.
- Fix for being awarded 1 lap in online stats for freestyle drift events.
- Prevented the editing ebay.xml cheat


Mio caro Mr. Splerz... CUZZED!!!!"!"£14329841741309104939011123414%%$/%&/%$&$

(ofc imma joking!)

5 commenti:

e.bay.xml ha detto...

ahahah! lo sapevo che cittava!!! porco maledettoooooo!!!

pakko ha detto...

AMMORTE MR SPLERZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

c4os ha detto...

insomma devo scaricare sta patch... ho capito
vabbe' non cittero' piu'

MiuTi ha detto...

SplerTz, si scrive SplerTz.

Ma tanto non ci giochiamo mai :<<<

pakko ha detto...

eccerto chissà come mai non ci giochiamo mai EH EH EHHHHHHHHHH?????????